Student Video Contest

We now live in a world of over 7 billion people and demographers expect us to reach 9 billion by mid-century.

Human population growth exacerbates many of the innumerable challenges facing our global society.

Taking on these complex challenges and finding solutions will require understanding, cooperation and creativity.


Create a short video – up to 60 seconds – about human population growth that highlights one of the following global challenges: Deforestation, Public Health, or Water Scarcity. All videos must include:

a) how population growth impacts the issue and

b) at least one idea for a sustainable solution.

Consider narrowing your focus by concentrating on a subtheme within your topic. Possible subthemes include:

  • Deforestation – erosion, clearing for agriculture/pasture, impacts on climate, biodiversity or habitat loss
  • Public Health – spread of communicable disease, air quality, sanitation, maternal/reproductive health
  • Water Scarcity – aquifer depletion, water conflicts, pollution, impact on girls’ education, irrigation

The contest is currently closed. New topics for the 2016-2017 contest will be announced in late summer. Stay tuned!

2016 Contest Flyer


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