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What Students Say About the Video Contest

“I had a really great time making my video, learned a lot, overcame obstacles, and got to share my thoughts on situations that I am passionate to change. Thanks for the opportunity!”
-Kaleigh K., Student in New Jersey

Students are not only learning from the process of creating their World of 7 Billion videos, but they’re having fun and getting energized too!

Girl Student at Laptop

But don’t take our word for it. Here is what students say about participating in the contest:


“I think that contest is a great idea and I am glad this is being hosted. I have entered multiple other contests during this school year for other classes, but none have been quite as interesting and organized as this one.”


“I just wanted to say that this was a really fun contest. I learned a lot about my topic which was how air pollution affects global health. Making the video was also fun because I love editing. I had so much fun!”


“This contest has brought to my awareness the many issues we currently face in our world today. It has also made me know that the world could even be facing bigger issues if action is not taken now. By bringing all these to me awareness, this contest has encouraged me to be both an environmental and social activist.”


“I think this is one of the most fun contests I’ve ever participated in. I not only learned a lot about my specific topic, but I learned how to use different animation apps and most importantly how to virtually work with my team!”


Before submitting your video use this checklist to make sure you have followed all the
rules and guidelines of the World of 7 Billion video contest.