Water Conservation
2nd Place

2010-2011 Winners

Grades 11-12

By: Cooper Vacheron

Foxborough High School, Foxborough, MA

Eleventh grader Cooper Vacheron, from Foxborough High School, is not new to film. He is involved in the local cable station where he volunteers weekly and he’s also created videos for his high school jazz ensemble. Cooper became interested in the World of 7 Billion video contest because of an environmentally conscious friend and, unlike some of the other video contests he looked into, he said that “this one had a theme I could be interested in.” His decision to focus on water was fairly direct – it being a common household resource, he thought that it would be easiest to discuss in the short amount of time provided.

Dealing with the contest’s time constraint, 30 seconds, turned out to be the most challenging part of the video process for Cooper. Even after making significant cuts, his video was only down to 45 seconds. He worried he’d have to cut some of the offered solutions but in the end, found a way to keep the three he most wanted to include (shortening showers, filling the washing machine, and having a fuel efficient dishwasher).

In addition to film, Cooper is a talented musician and plays the trombone with several groups at Foxborough High. As for what he wants to do after he graduates, he’s considering film school and thinks he may spend some of his prize money on items related to that craft like camera equipment.