Too Many Fish in the Sea
1st Place

2010-2011 Winners

Grades 11-12

By: Richard Oneslager

Cherry Creek High School, Greenwood Village, CO

Richard Oneslager, from Cherry Creek High School, didn’t have any film experience prior to creating his video PSA for the World of 7 Billion student contest. But when his comparative governments teacher mentioned it to the class, he was interested enough to give it a try. In the class, he was “learning about how countries were having natural resource crises” and decided to focus on one of the Earth’s most basic resources – water. As for population pressures, Richard was somewhat aware, remembering that it came up during the Beijing Olympics, but admits it became much more clear while preparing his video.

The idea to have a fish tank with an ever-increasing number of fish came pretty easily, as did working with the music. The hardest part, Richard recalled, was editing the footage to look exactly the way he wanted. A visual learner himself, he thought it was important to make the images, text, and voice over come together as smoothly as possible for the most impact.

Richard isn’t sure what he’ll do with his cash prize but mentioned he’d “probably get my teacher a present.” And though college plans are unclear, he is looking forward to his summer job at Geneva Glenn Summer Camp. Richard is currently a member of NHS, speech and debate team, and his school’s community service organization.