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2nd Place

2017 High School Winners

2017 Ocean Health

By: Nesha Vuriti

Northampton School for Girls
Northampton, United Kingdom

Nesha Vuriti is a senior at Northampton School for Girls in Northampton, UK and discovered the video contest after she was given an assignment in school to pick a topic to create a persuasive campaign around. She was researching information about ocean health when she stumbled upon the World of 7 Billion website. Nesha explained how she was drawn to the idea of taking her ideas to a wider audience, “I really care about the environment and try to find extra opportunities to do something about it.”

Having never worked with iMovie before, Nesha did find the video production process challenging at times. Without access to high-end cameras, the video was instead filmed on her iPhone, which was propped up by a music stand. Speaking about the unique style of her video, Nesha describes how she wanted to use effects to add a sense of urgency to the issue, taking advantage of jarring sound effects, sharp cuts, concise sentences, and very subtly speeding up her voice.

After graduation Nesha hopes to apply to university and pursue an academic path in the natural sciences, either at Cambridge or University College London. When asked if she had any advice for future participants, Nesha said, “Do your own thing. Take inspiration from different styles and definitely do your research – but ultimately the product you end up with should be unique.”

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