I Think This World is Worth Saving
Honorable Mention

2017 High School Winners

2017 Ocean Health

By: Katie Krofta

Lynden Christian High School
Lynden, Washington

Katie Krofta is a senior at Lynden Christian School in Blaine, Washington. She got involved in the contest as an assignment in her world issues class. The ocean has always been a huge part of Katie’s life since she grew up near the beach. She described her family as being “very outdoorsy, and into conservation projects,” and shared with us that they often go boating and camping, and regularly see trash washed up on the shore and in the water.

This lifelong connection to the water moved Katie to consider how to carefully frame the issue of ocean health to inspire people to take action and stop the destruction of our oceans. She explained that her approach accounted for the fact that “there is so much negativity in the world,” and aimed to focus on the future and what individuals could do to help instead of focusing on everything we’ve already done wrong. It was from this proactive mindset that her title, I Think This World is Worth Saving, was born.

Katie is graduating from high school this spring and wants to apply to college for animation and filmmaking, hobbies that have been her primary passion since she was seven years old. First, she is planning a gap year so she can travel before going to back to school. She told us that first on her list is a months-long road trip with her 1 year old Australian Shepherd down both coasts of the U.S.

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