There’s Not Enough Clean Water
2nd Place

2010-2011 Winners

Grades 9-10

By: Soo Ji Yang

Granada Hills Charter High School, Granada Hills, CA

A freshman at Granada Hills Charter High School, Soo Ji Yang created her World of 7 Billion video PSA for an assignment in her AP Human Geography class. It was the first time she directed and did creative work with film. Her video focuses on a lack of clean water and ends with an image of two hands sharing a clean glass. She did that to show “someone who decided to do something about it.” She first learned about water conservation when she raised money for a well project through her church but wasn’t aware of how population impacted the resource.

For Soo Ji, the most challenging part of the process was figuring out how to send a clear message in the time provided. She dealt with this by providing strong images of the statistics she wanted to show, using cups of water for the ratio of clean to dirty water and hands to show the growing population.

In her free time, Soo Ji likes to rock climb and read. She is the secretary of the Leo Club, a volunteer organization that does work in the local community. As for her prize money, Soo Ji would like to donate some to her church’s well project and save the rest for college tuition. She hopes to study interior design or architecture, potentially with an environmental focus.