The Way We Love
Honorable Mention

2014 Winners

Climate Change

By: Georgia Carroll

Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore, MD

Senior Georgia Carroll made her video as a final project for her AP Environmental Science class at Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore, Maryland. The video was optional and Georgia chose to pursue it because she is interested in raising awareness about overpopulation. She decided to create a video on Climate Change because she believes it is overlooked by the younger generation. “It’s harder for people to find a passion in it, whereas poverty is a very obvious tragedy and same with water resources.” And while she was previously aware of population issues, the process of researching the topic helped her grasp how large a number seven billion really is. “It’s such a hard concept to understand because those kinds of numbers don’t really exist in my everyday life.”

“The Way We Live” is Georgia’s first video, and she had to learn a lot about production and the various filming options. She went with hand drawn pictures after seeing several effective videos that use simple, clear graphics. The next challenge was to plan what she wanted to say and keep the script under one minute. “Once I figured out what I was going to do, it was pretty easy,” says Georgia, and she put together a video with original graphics and a clear message on the relationship between climate change and population growth.

Georgia stays busy playing three different sports: field hockey, basketball, and lacrosse. Next year she will attend Middlebury College in Vermont where she will play lacrosse and possibly pursue environmental studies.