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2012-2013 Winners

Global Status Of Women/Girls

By: Maxine Alindogan

International School Manila, Taguig City, Philippines

Maxine Alindogan is in the ninth grade at the International School Manila in the Philippines. She is enrolled in a geography course where creating a video for the World of 7Billion contest was a class assignment. The global status of women/girls topic stuck out to Maxine because she didn’t think people were as aware of it as the other topics, even though it is vastly important and has such a reaching impact. Her class was doing a unit on population, so she was somewhat aware of surrounding issues but still learned a lot during the filmmaking process.

When considering how to create her PSA, Maxine knew that she “didn’t want to focus on the negative aspect of entire thing but the positive outcome that improving the global status of women can have on the world.” That large idea is what gave her the idea to portray “multiple girls that have gone through a good number of years of schooling and the good choices that they made regarding their family, at what age they marry, the amount of income they’d get or even the amount of years they’d get to live.” Condensing her ideas into the time limit was the most difficult part of the production process.

After she graduates from high school, Maxine plans to go to college and take business courses. She would like to open and run her own business in the future and maybe even get her Master’s degree. She enjoys photography and likes to spend her free time capturing memories, which is why she may help work on the school yearbook next year.