The Poverty Trap
1st Place

2014 Winners

Global Poverty

By: Tim Eddy

Southern Cross K-12 School, Ballina East, New South Wales, Australia

Tim Eddy, an 11th grader at Southern Cross K-12 School in New South Wales, Australia, is always on the lookout for opportunities to improve his video production skills. He found our contest through an internet search and was so intrigued that he submitted a video in all three categories, two of which made it to the final round. He says the most challenging part of creating the films was writing the scripts and deciding what information to use, but the process made him much more aware about each issue: “I learned a lot of startling things about the poverty trap and how hard it is for poverty-stricken people to get out of the cycle.”

Each of Tim’s videos is unique and demonstrates his competency in various styles of filmmaking. In “The Poverty Trap,” he experimented with motion graphics. “I’d seen a few motion graphics videos where the words created an object relating to the topic, and I thought that would be perfect for this video to tie everything together.” Getting the words to take the shape of the trap was both challenging and time consuming, but his efforts paid off in a compelling visual of the trap in which poor people around the world find themselves.

Tim is an accomplished filmmaker whose videos have won awards in several contests, including the Chicago International Children’s Film Festival and Little Big Shots in Melbourne. He also runs a business, Nifty Book Trailers, where he creates video trailers for authors around the world.