The Need for Equality
1st Place

2012-2013 Winners

Global Status Of Women/Girls

By: Sara Hubberstey

Waterloo Collegiate Institute, Waterloo, ON

Twelfth-grader Sara Hubberstey attends the Waterloo Collegiate Institute in Waterloo, Ontario and has had two of her videos place in two of the World of 7 Billion contest categories. This was the first video contest she’s entered and found out about it from a website covering student competitions. Sara decided to create multiple videos because she felt she “had something to say about all of them” and that each one of them “affect all of us.” She was very familiar with the subject of human population growth, as she was in the midst of studying it for her World Issues class while making the videos. Sara explained food security and hunger as “something we’re not all that aware of, especially those of us in developed countries.” In ‘Disappearing Act,” she used the ever-emptying refrigerator to “try and bring the message home” by showing what hunger might look like to someone in a developed country. When it came to “The Need for Equality,” Sara decided to use her interest in graphic design. She said it was a learning experience, as she had never used the particular design software. She drew all of the faces seen within the video but said the most challenging part of the filmmaking process was condensing all of the information into a script that didn’t run over the time limit. As a senior, Sara plans to use her prize money toward going to university next year at the University of Waterloo. There she hopes to take part in the Knowledge Integration program, an interdisciplinary program that allows the study of multiple subjects. Sara enjoys music, playing the violin since the age of seven, and has picked up the piano and guitar as well. Additionally, she likes working in the Art Club at her school and loves to travel.