Switch to Rechargeable
1st Place

2019 Middle School Winners

2019 Sustainable Resource Use

By: Honor Dodd

Wildwood School
Los Angeles, CA

Honor is an eighth grader at the Wildwood School in Los Angeles, CA who has always had an interest in sustainability. Her environmental science teacher, who according to Honor “is pretty awesome and likes sharing our ideas out into the world,” assigned the contest as a project, but Honor took it upon herself to submit her film. She decided on the topic of sustainable resource use because it’s something she practices in her day to day life. But she didn’t want her video to focus on something people already know about like reusable water bottles, so instead she explored rechargeable batteries. As she put it, “they’re something people don’t talk about but can make a big difference.” And while neither population or climate change were new to Honor, she learned a lot during the research stage of her project. “Before it was something I knew was happening, but after the video, I know it’s something I can do something about.”

When first preparing for video, Honor made several story boards in order to gather all of her ideas, and from there she mix and matched particular pieces to find what would work. But with all of her ideas put into the script’s first draft, she had a 3-minute video and had to cut it down. Deciding what to cut and what to keep was the most challenging task for Honor, but she tackled it by considering “what information would really support the message and what would be most interesting to the viewers.” This film was not Honor’s first, though working with animation was a new skill that she needed to learn and in the end, enjoyed.

The video contest was a good fit for Honor because she likes making videos with friends or for others – filming, editing, and doing voice overs. She also enjoys playing soccer and spending time with her dog Phoebe. Science is Honor’s favorite subject and she’s especially fond of her environmental science class this year because she “likes learning about what’s going on in the world, how we’re effecting the planet and how we can change it.”