Stop the Cycle
2nd Place

2015 Winners

Worldwide 1 in 10 Primary School Age Children and 1 in 3 Secondary Age Children are not Enrolled in School

By: Hailey Hess

Coppell High School, Coppell, TX

Hailey Hess, a senior at Coppell High School in Coppell, TX, was assigned the contest in her AP Environment class but it was a recent mission trip to Zambia that gave her the inspiration to create her video on global education. During the trip she recalls being in a group with “10 orphan girls all aged 6-8 and none of them had ever gone to school.” Her surroundings, the girls, and their stories encouraged Hailey to create a video about the importance of education.

Directing her school’s weekly student broadcast program has given Hailey some experience with filmmaking. But even with this familiarity, creating this video was not without its challenges. Hailey found writing the voice over and choosing the most important facts was the most difficult part of the process. To newer filmmakers, she advises that “it’s important to choose a topic that you’re really passionate about and have some sort of experience with” so you can create a film people want to watch.

Zambia is still on Hailey’s mind and she has considered using her prize money for a return trip. There will be more filmmaking in her future at the University of Texas – Austin where she plans to major in Radio-Television-Film. Hailey enjoys running, arts and crafts, and would love to have teleportation as her superpower because “I could travel super quickly and easily!”