Sixth Mass Extinction
Honorable Mention

2015 Winners

The World is in The Midst of a Sixth Mass Extinction

By: Angel Nkwonta

Pullman High School, Pullman, WA

Angel Nkwonta is a junior at Pullman High School in Pullman, WA where the contest was assigned as a project in her Multimedia class. Angel shared that she’d “heard about mass extinction and wanted to learn more about the fact that we may be in the midst of one.” With her curiosity piqued she decided to dedicate her video to the sixth mass extinction in order to learn more about the topic.

This video was Angel’s first stab at filmmaking and in addition to being fun, she admits that “knowing that I can make something that’s well thought out makes me want to make more films.” She welcomed the challenge of coming up with a creative way to convey the information she learned. Angel suggests that future participants have a great interest in their topic of choice and raise a lot of questions during the research process.

Angel plans on putting her prize money into savings for college. She has her sights set on Stanford University, UCLA, or the University of Washington and would like to major in Exercise Physiology. Angel is devoted to athletics, playing varsity soccer and running indoor and outdoor track, so it’s no surprise that she would want super speed as her superpower. She says, “super speed could make me really good at sports and get me anywhere in the world really fast.” With her new power Angel would head to Australia to see all the unique wildlife.