7 Billion
Honorable Mention

2012-2013 Winners

Wildlife Habitat

By: Anne McGrath

Bishop Strachan School, Toronto, ON

From The Bishop Strachan School in Toronto, Ontario, Anne McGrath participated in the World of 7 Billion contest as class assignment during a section on human population. After the class requirement was met, it was up to Anne to take the next step and submit her video online for the contest. She and her partner Jennifer watched a few of the contest’s previous contestants and liked those that featured animation, so they decided to pattern theirs the same way. Anne said they chose to focus on wildlife habitat because many of her classmates were choosing the other two topics, so they thought they’d stand out more in this category. Although she had studied population in her class, Anne said she “had no idea it had that strong of an impact” on wildlife habitat.

Anne and Jennifer both enjoy drawing and possess a knack for it, so they decided that they would use their talents to convey the video’s message. As far as using her drawings in a film like this, Anne said that she didn’t have much experience other than “a bit using iMovie.” And although the drawings took up a lot of time, fitting all of the information and research they had found into the short timeframe proved to be the most challenging aspect of the production.

While Anne may only be a freshman, she already knows that she wants to pursue a career as a teacher, working with the younger age groups. In her spare time, Anne plays on the softball team and her favorite subject is Science.