Origami Wildlife
1st Place

2012-2013 Winners

Wildlife Habitat

By: Kelley Sheahan

Grossmont High School, El Cajon, CA

Kelley Sheahan, a freshman at Grossmont High School in La Mesa, CA, began working on her World of 7 Billion video as part of an assignment in her geography class. After all of the hard work and time that she put into the video’s production, she decided to officially submit it for judging. She chose to focus on wildlife habitat because she felt more personally connected to it than the other topics and commented that “people sometimes don’t realize their actions impact” the homes of animals. Although she was familiar and interested in animals, she did not make the connection to population issues until after she began the research for her video.

Origami has been a hobby of Kelley’s since elementary school, so she thought it would be a perfect medium for her video. She had a bit of filmmaking experience from a past media class where she was able to produce “daily bulletins” with her classmates. While folding the origami pieces took up a lot of time (two days), Kelley said she enjoys that process and what was really the difficult part for her, was editing the script to fit within the time constraints.

In her free time, you might find Kelley playing tennis or writing – a few of her favorite activities. She is intrigued by a career that would use multimedia and technology to convey a point saying she “really enjoyed this process and would love to find a career where I could create things that send a strong message.”