Nature Pre and Post Seven Billion
2nd Place

2012-2013 Winners

Wildlife Habitat

By: Michael Ge

Troy High School, Fullerton, CA

From Troy High School in Fullerton, CA, eleventh-grader Michael Ge shows his burgeoning 3D animation skills in his World of 7 Billion PSA entry. He decided to submit a video in the wildlife habitat category because he is interested in conservation and thought it would most readily lend itself to his talents as an animator. This is his second video contest, and he has been working with 3D animation for nearly three years. Michael said he had a general knowledge of population issues, but learned more of its impact through his research, particularly industrialization’s effects on ecosystems and wildlife.

The idea for his video was based on his knowledge of habitat destruction, and Michael thought it would be interesting to show this through an animated simulation. Despite his experience, the production of the video still proved to be quite a challenge for Michael. He said “it was particularly difficult generating the water effects and the 3D world, and making it all look natural.”

After high school, Michael is hoping to translate his unique talents in animation into the world of marketing. Aside from the animation, Michael keeps his mind sharp by solving Rubik’s cubes and playing piano in his spare time. He also enjoys getting outside and playing tennis. When asked if he had any plans for the prize money, Michael said he hopes to put it toward a new computer.