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Making a Healthier and Cleaner World
1st Place

2018 Middle School Winners

2018 Preventing Pollution

Kelly Tung headshot

By: Kelly Tung

John F. Kennedy Middle School
Cupertino, CA

Kelly Tung is a seventh grader at John F. Kennedy Middle School in Cupertino, CA who has always had a strong interest in environmental sustainability. She pays attention to changes in the field and enjoys learning more about it all of the time, often conducting her own research on topics like alternative transportation, vermicomposting and recycling. In fact, Kelly learned about the contest while researching various types of environmental protections online. She saw the connection between population and pollution very clearly and thought it was a great opportunity to raise awareness about the impacts of pollution and the importance of sustainability.

While Kelly had created videos for sustainability and school projects, she had not participated in any video competitions prior to competing in the World of 7 Billion Student Video Contest. Kelly has allergies and had to learn how to deal with them. She understands the challenges that children with allergies face, and feels compassion and empathy towards them. This has motivated her to devote a lot of attention and effort conducting research on factors associated with allergies. Kelly emphasizes that pollution not only worsens allergies and human health, but also hurts the environment. The contest was an opportunity for her to combine her past filmmaking experience with her passion about environmental issues and her dedication to finding solutions. Kelly encourages future participants to make an original and creative video that, “delivers a strong message and has a positive impact on others.”

Kelly is already an active advocate for sustainability. She’s on the Teen Advisory Group of Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE), serving as an artist for TAG projects, being a mentor for other teens, and helping to guide the organization’s youth programs. Kelly has also received a student grant from the Cupertino Sustainability Commission to work on a project that advances green commuting in the city. Kelly enjoys playing the cello and piano, drawing, and coding. In the future, she hopes to become an entrepreneur and continue championing sustainability. As for her prize money? She plans to donate it to FARE and the Climate Reality Project, emphasizing that we “need to prevent pollution right now” by using the power of our voices.


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