Giving Girls Education
2nd Place

2012-2013 Winners

Global Status Of Women/Girls

By: Scout Taylor

Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High School, Davis, CA

For Scout Taylor, from Ralph Waldo Emerson Junior High in Davis, CA, creating the video PSA was an assignment in her geography class. But it was then up to the ninth grader to go online and actually submit her video to the World of 7 Billion contest. Regarding the topic, Scout explains that “at first I wanted to do wildlife…but figured I had more to say about the status of women.” And while she was somewhat aware of population increasing, she hadn’t ever related women’s status and education to population so learned a lot while creating her video.

Scout likes art and has enjoyed working with clay in the past. For her video, she didn’t want to just use pictures found on the internet; she wanted to do something different and that’s why she chose to use claymation. But it was a time consuming process – setting up the clay, taking a picture and emailing it, moving the clay, and on and on – and things got a bit stressful when she was trying to pull together the 200 pictures into a rough draft of the PSA. Once on to the editing, however, the hard part was over. She has made a video or two for other school assignments and has enjoyed working with film.

In her free time, Scout enjoys rock climbing which she started about five years ago and has recently competed in a bit. She is also the treasurer of her school and in the leadership class. And while she doesn’t exactly know what she’ll be doing after she graduates from high school, she does have summer plans to get a job and start saving for a road bike. The prize money, she imagines, will be a great start to her savings fund.