Food Security: Inked
Honorable Mention

2012-2013 Winners

Food Security

By: Robert Chandler

Brookwood High School, Snellville, GA

Sophomore Robert Chandler, from Brookwood High School in Snellville, GA, created his video as an assignment for his AP Environmental Science class, but knew that he wanted to officially submit it to the contest after finishing. He’s always been interested in Environmental Science, and chose to participate in the food security category because he knew how important the issue was for the world. He felt that he knew a little about the issue as he had seen hunger first hand while on various mission trips, but had “never really thought of the connection (between population and food security) until I saw how apparent it was during my research.”

Robert had experience using drawings in film production coming into this project, explaining it is his style of choice for all of his videos. He says he’s “not a great actor” so it is easier for him to gather and arrange a series of drawings rather than use live actors and video. With all of the various animations and the amount of information he wanted to include, Robert found lining up the many images and the voiceover with correct timing to be the most challenging aspect of the project.

Only in the tenth grade, Robert said he might be interested in pursuing something within the fields of Biology or Environmental Science after high school, but “nothing too concrete yet” as far as plans go. He loves being outdoors, whether rock climbing or hiking and camping with his school’s Outdoor Club. When not in the wilderness, Robert enjoys drumming. As for the cash prize, he is thinking of putting it toward a mission trip he hopes to take to Guatemala in the summer.