Every Drop Counts
Honorable Mention

2014 Winners

Water Sustainability

By: Alexandra Kissilenko

Horace Mann School, New York City, NY

Alexandra Kissilenko is a junior at Horace Mann School in New York City. She learned about the World of 7 Billion contest from a flyer in her school’s hallways and was inspired to participate because of her interest in environmental issues. She chose to submit under the Water Sustainability category because it struck her as such an important issue with potential to get creative. “Every Drop Counts” is not Alexandra’s first production – she has made a few short videos for a production class – but it is her first video that addresses environmental concerns.

Alexandra was inspired to shoot her video on the train, as this is how she travels home each day from school. “I thought it would be a different approach – you usually just see showers and sinks.” But filming on a moving train was not an easy feat; Alexandra and her team only had about ten minutes at a time to shoot before having to switch trains. Audio was another issue, with background noises getting in the way, and the team ended up having to dub over the entire film. But with several takes and great editing they created a polished video that sheds light on the enormous amount of water we consume on a daily basis.

Alexandra wants to continue with filmmaking after high school and is considering pursuing environmental studies in college. This summer she heads to Ecuador to take part in Sustainable Summer, an environmental leadership program where she’ll be able to explore these issues further and use her Spanish language skills.