Countdown to Conservation
Honorable Mention

2010-2011 Winners

Grades 9-10

By: Kevin Collins

Nation Ford High School, Fort Mill, SC

Kevin Collins, a sophomore at Nation Ford High School, came across the World of 7 Billion video PSA contest while searching online for video contests. Because he had written a paper on the importance of water conservation just the year before, he felt comfortable creating a video on the topic. As Kevin explained, he was fairly informed on the water issue but learned a lot about population through the film-making process.

The pre-production of his video, coming up with the concept and doing the initial planning, took him the most time. He wanted to make sure it was “different from everybody else’s; something creative.” It wasn’t an ah-ha moment that led him to the idea of the countdown, but rather just spending time thinking through different concept options.

Kevin has entered other video contests in the past. His interest in film began about two years ago when he became intrigued by the “You Tube craze.” He began trying out various software and eventually, taught himself the art. At this point, film is just a hobby – he’s involved with making videos for his church – but Kevin admits that going into video production would make a fun career. In the meantime, he’ll stick with varsity soccer, cross-country, and youth events through his church