Combat Climate Change, Starting with the Food We Eat
1st Place

2017 High School Winners

2017 Climate Change

By: Douah Shakshuki

Horton High School
Wolfville, Nova Scotia,

Douah Shakshuki, a junior at Horton High School in Wolfville, Nova Scotia focused her winning climate change video on the connections to food production and consumption, and how individual actions can make a difference. “I have a vegetable garden in the summer,” she told us. “If I can do it, other people can do it, too.”

Douah had experimented with stop motion animation before but didn’t have extensive filmmaking experience. She expressed how exciting it was to experiment with new video styles and described how fulfilling it was when everything “clicked” and the final product came together. Douah shared that one of the most enjoyable aspects of the production process was figuring out how to craft a video that was informative, engaging, and would serve as an effective call to action.

Away from school, Douah utilizes art as a creative outlet. Aside from dabbling in filmmaking, she also draws, paints, sculpts with clay, and decorates cakes. This isn’t the first time Douah has been recognized for addressing important issues, either. In 2014, she received the Lt. Governor’s Respectful Citizenship Award for raising funds for local charities and building interfaith relations in her community.

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