Climate Change and How to Slow It Down
1st Place

2014 Winners

Climate Change

By: Marius Vaitkevičius

Mazeikiu Gabijos Gimnazija, Mazeikiai, Lithuania

Marius Vaitkevičius attends Mažeikiai Gabija Gymnasium in Mažeikiai, Lithuania, where he is set to graduate in 2015. Marius is not new to the video contest; last year his video on hunger won First Place in that year’s Food Security category. He returned again this year to produce “Climate Change and How to Slow It Down,” a compelling statement on the relationship between population growth and climate change.

Marius’s video catches the viewers attention from the start, opening with a cow passing gas on a green field. “It was quite interesting to find out that livestock plays a big role in global warming,” he says, and this graphic certainly conveys that message. And while the video displays other major sources of greenhouse gases, it also emphasizes the steps we can take to reduce emissions and protect our environment. Marius says the most challenging part was finding time to work on his video while juggling his school load, but he forced himself to keep working even when he felt tired.

Marius plans to put his prize money into his savings account, saying “I would feel bad if I spent the hard-earned money on something useless.” He plans to continue with filmmaking after graduation and turn it into a career. Marius also expresses an interest in human rights and providing opportunities to all people. We hope he continues to use his filmmaking skills to raise awareness of global issues and to inspire others to take action.