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Making Changes in Your Community


Tabling at Events

Tabling at a community event can be a fun and effective way of spreading awareness about your cause. Set up a table at a local event with pamphlets and other educational materials to hand out. For tips on effective tabling and ideas of where to host a tabling event click here.




Ready to plan your own event?

Now that you have researched your cause and know more about it, you might want to spread the word. There are many ways to do this. One way, is to host your own event (dinner with friends, a watch party, tabling at a community event) to raise awareness for your cause. Use this planning template to help you plan your event!

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Enlist the help of an adult

Many adults would be happy to help you make a difference in your community and world. Ask the adults in your life if they would help you plan these events or if they have any ideas for events you can host. Share with them what you have learned about your cause to show why you feel so passionately about it.

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Find a local, or national organization that supports the cause you are interested in. Many larger organizations have local chapters in cities that you can join. Does your high school require that students complete service hours for graduation? You can use that as an opportunity to help out your community and fulfill that requirement. Check out VolunteerMatch to start browsing volunteer opportunities in your area.

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