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Influencing Lawmakers

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Reach Out to Your Legislator(s)

Via email, or phone

Contact your lawmaker(s) directly! This will ensure that your voice is heard and allows you to personalize your message.

Find your Representative
Find your Senators


Attend a Public Event with Members of Congress

Find out where your lawmakers stand on issues important to you by attending an event where they will be speaking. The Town Hall Project helps you find out when and where public events with members of Congress will be.

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Attend a Rally or March

Keep an eye out for Facebook events of marches and rallies coordinated by national, state, or local organizations that you care about.

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In some states, teens under 18 can still register to vote. Check to see if you are eligible to vote in your state here.  If you’re under 18 years old, you can still volunteer for an election campaign

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