Wall Chart: A Quick Trip to 7.6 Billion

The wall chart below is an update from an earlier chart – A Quick Trip to 7 Billion – which marked the addition of Earth’s 7 billionth member. But there have been some significant changes since this milestone in 2011, and the new chart has not only updated statistics but focuses on the pressing issues of today. 

On one side of the wall chart you’ll find a timeline of historical events, inventions and social movements that have affected birth and death rates over the past 200 years, bringing us to 7.6 billion humans in 2018. The other side of the wall chart uses a variety of colorful infographics to show the challenges we face as a growing global family – from meeting basic human needs to the delicate balance of natural ecosystems.

Accompanying lesson plans available in mid-January.

Rollover the poster to have a detailed view. Purchase your own copy here.


wall-chart-1   wall-chart-2