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Promoting Environmental Justice

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Middle School Winners

A Solution to E-Waste

Henry Zitoun headshot

Henry Zitoun

Shorewood Intermediate School
Shorewood, Wisconsin

Environmental Justice

Stephanie Akinfolarin headshot

Stephanie Akinfolarin

Westerly School of Long Beach
Long Beach, California

High School Winners

Food (Deserts) for Thought

Rana Duan headshot

Rana Duan

Dulles High School
Sugar Land, Texas

Erase the Redline

Tian Hsu headshot

Tian Hsu

St Paul's Girls' School
Hammersmith, London

Stop the Mistreatment of Indigenous Peoples

Anna Paradise headshot

Anna Paradise

Harborfields High School
Greenlawn, New York

Climate Migrants

Valerie Xiong & Isnene Schirrecker headshots

Valerie Xiong & Isnene Schirrecker

Piedmont High School
Piedmont, California

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High School

Tian Hsu, Erase the Redline
St. Paul’s Girls’ School, London, England

Rana Duan, Food (Deserts) for Thought
Dulles High School, Sugarland, TX

Anna Paradise, Stop the Mistreatment of Indigenous Peoples
Harborsfield High School, Greenlawn, NY

Madison Paul, The Effects and Solution For Hydraulic Fracturing
Centennial Collegiate Vocational Institute, Ontario, Canada

Molly Honecker, Addressing Food Deserts
Marine Academy of Science and Technology, Highlands, NJ

Jennifer Yeh and Kevin Yeh, Justice for the Indigenous Atayal Tribe
Morrison Academy, Taichung, Taiwan

Bridget Bentley, Clara Stormer, and Jackie Remick, Mistreatment of Indigenous Land
Piedmont High School, Piedmont, CA

Sophia Milian, How the Fishing Industry Affects Native American Reservations in the Pacific Northwest
Samuel W. Wolfson High School, Jacksonville, FL

Valerie Xiong and Ismene Schirrecker, Climate Migrants
Piedmont High School, Piedmont, CA


Middle School

Ella Hinson and Addie Langworthy, Unjust Environmental Impacts of Redlining
Eastside Preparatory School, Kirkland, WA

Aida Doulton, Oil Drilling in the Amazon
St. Vincent de Paul, San Francisco, CA

Henry Zitoun, A Solution to E-Waste
Shorewood Intermediate School, Shorewood, WI

Lyan Ngo, The Overdue Conversation
Eastside Preparatory School, Kirkland, WA

Melody Tang, Amy Yang, and Reyna Castaneda, Fossil Fuels: Racial Injustice
Roger Temple Intermediate School, Rosemead, CA

Stephanie Akinfolarin, Environmental Justice
Westerly School of Long Beach, Long Beach, CA



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