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Students: Get Started!

Video Project Organizer

This organizer will help guide you through all of the stages of the creating your video and ensure you have a strong contender in the contest!

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Welcome to the Contest!

Step-by-Step Guide to the Contest
Remember to download the Video Organizer to walk you through this process!

1 Pick a Topic

Check out these info documents to get ideas: Agriculture & FoodOcean HealthUrbanization

2 Research the Issue

Gather information from credible sources. Consider the scope of the issue, the stakeholders, and possible hurdles to making a change. Don’t forget to find the connection between your issue and population growth!

3 Develop a Solution

Brainstorm possible solutions that directly address your issue before selecting the strongest idea for your video. Be creative and think outside the (recycling) box!

4 Create Your Video

Refer to the Video Organizer as you write your script – you’ll find you already have most of the information you need. Review the Video Tips and Judging Rubric for extra guidance.

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Advocate for Your Issue

The filming is done, but the action is just getting started!
The Activism Toolkit is here to help you become an activist and spread the word about the issues you care about.



Contest organizers will contact you via email from
[email protected] regarding your video’s status. Please
check your email account regularly to ensure you receive updates about your video!


Before submitting your video use this checklist to make sure you have followed all the
rules and guidelines of the World of 7 Billion video contest.