Video Tips

Helpful tips on creating a successful video


Pick a topic you are excited about. It’s much easier to come up with a good idea for your video if you are truly passionate about the message.

Do your research. The best videos have solid facts/statistics to support them. Read the Background Reading associated with your topic and take a look at our Research Page for a few places to start looking for further information.

Follow the writing process – brainstorm, plan, draft (storyboard, script), revise, edit, and produce a final product.

Be clear and concise – sixty seconds goes by quickly.


If you choose to use statistics, make them relevant by putting them in context. For example, stating that “1.1 billion people are affected by water scarcity” is not as impactful as “1 in 7 people are affected by water scarcity.”

“Less is more” is often a good rule of thumb to make the most effective point.

If your video includes people talking, be sure they speak slowly and clearly so that everyone can understand. Make sure to annunciate your words. Let other people screen your video before you turn in in to ensure your message can be heard and understood.

Be creative. You can use video, skits, pictures, voice over, music, flip-books - the sky is the limit! Get your friends involved and collaborate to make an even better project.

Pick a tone for your video. If you want it to be funny, use witty, clever puns to get your point across. Choose appropriate music to help guide your audience into the right mood.

Try to keep it positive, as too much negativity can turn your audience off to the real message.

Pick an audience. Are you trying to reach children? Students your age? Adults or policymakers? Choose an audience and make your video relevant to them.

Make sure you follow all of the Rules and Guidelines, including length, content, and copyright rules.

Have fun! This is a great way to learn more about the issues regarding world population, and it should be a fun project for you and your friends.


To find copyright/royalty free images and music:

Simply type “copyright free images” or “copyright free music” into a search engine. – Images. – Images. – Music/Audio. – Music/Audio. (After selecting the audio, make sure to choose the License Type as "Personal Use on YouTube".